We have on staff, Mr. Steve McEachern ('Steve') whom has over twenty-three (23) years experience in developing thousands of advanced database-driven web-application projects with Classic ASP; including websites with server-side automation/manipulation of images, PDF, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), GEO-mapping, automated language translation, data encryption, and more.  Steve is the go-to guru for solutions involving ASP, VB, IIS, SQL.

Steve can extend the life of your Classic ASP systems.
Rates start at $120 per hour.

Classic ASP, also commonly referred to as 'ASP' is a server-side scripting environment used to create and run dynamic web applications.  With ASP, it is possible to combine HTML pages, script commands, and COM components to create interactive web pages that are easy to develop and modify.  Classic ASP is the predecessor to Microsoft's ASP.NET, but it is still in wide use today.  As of this writing, a filetype search on Google reports over half a billion Classic ASP web pages.  Due that the .asp file extension is often masked by url-rewrite functions and most often used in the development of back-end, server-side logic (the back-end of websites) versus public facing, it is presumed that several billion webpages still rely on Classic ASP.

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