WebMarket Consultants

  • ECommerce
  • Brand Development 
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development           
  • Copy Writing
  • Search Optimization
  • Back-End Programming
  • Social Network Pages
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

Obviously, every website that we work on has had some genesis in our client's business vision. Sometimes clients are uncertain about many particulars in their vision, or they might be unaware of their business needs - and this is ok.  We walk our clients through the process of determining what their specific business needs are, which includes the lasting impression that their website should make.

We specialize in web design.  We are not print designers who have “adapted” to the digital medium, we are genuine web designers.

A custom web design is not limited to your website, and we will work very hard to ensure consistency across your entire brand development.  We can assist in creation of logos and business cards as well as the larger marketing aspects in our comprehensive strategy to ensure that you achieve marketing success both online and offline.

Our website design and development approach includes completing an assessment of your competitors' websites, and then leveraging the most appropriate and technically optimized implemention for your website in response.

In every website that we create or that we are otherwise involved with, we endeavour to the best of our ability to utilize the full benefits of HTML5, CSS3, and javascript.  Importantly, we are obsessive and expert in respect to matters of website search engine optimization, and this addressed in every layer throughout our website design and development process.  Learn about our technical implementation at: /projects/implementation