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Steve McEachern, September 15 2015

SEO TIP: Avoid Bounce Rate


The above likely sounds counter-intuitive; but follow this ...  I have a business client with over 25 employees. They love the website that I created for them last winter; so much so that their staff in various departments set their own web-browsers to their own website as their default webpage.

Subsequently, many times per day, the employees launch their web-browsers which in turn produce hundreds of single homepage views of the business' own website. They then immediately browse elsewhere from their homepage for purposes of individual tasks at hand.

Consequently, a circumstance/issue arises whereby Google senses an exaggerated bounce-rate (typically 90%) on Direct web-traffic. That is to say that nearly all user-sessions initiated NOT via a referring link or search, subsequently feedback to Google as having been abandoned on a single page view. Depending on the ratio of direct traffic against your overall volume of traffic, Google might erroneously conclude - oh, the content at your website sucks, given that it appears that people repeatedly abandon it - and in turn Google might lower the rank of your business' website.
Set your default page based on practicality - like to Google or whatever you actually use/browse most. Do NOT set your default page to your own website - otherwise make sure that you browse at least a few pages of your website first whenever you launch it.